Web Design & Development

I strive to create interactive, engaging user experiences Below are a few examples of my web design work. A significant amount of my work is not shown here, such as designs created for Nike, Inc. or pages that contain sensitive information.

I have developed numerous highly technical back-end tools such as REST APIs, automation software, or other highly specific server-side applications. All of that work–developed for Nike or Puppet Labs–is highly confidential and cannot be disclosed; I do not own the codebase for such applications and could not share it even if I were to violate the non-disclosure agreement. Without explicitly providing the source code, the server-side applications I've developed are unfortunately quite difficult to demonstrate in any satisfying way. Check  Github @hwknsj  for a whole mess of random work, including the source code for this website.

However, I can share some information about the technologies used and the high-level functions of the applications. If you would like more information on my back-end development experience, drop me a message at joel (at) joel.fm.

All works below are shown with the expressed permission of the client.