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Rap Store React App

Rap Store React App

built with React.js

Purely for fun–this app demonstrates the powerful functionality of React.js. I wanted to learn more, so I built the Rap Store React App. Now you can finally live your wildest fantasy of managing your own online music store’s inventory! An online demo is available at rap.joel.fm and you can check out “Joel’s Most Necessary” selection at my personal store, RapCaviar. I love hearing how wrong I am, so please send me some feedback to convince me that your picks are the absolute best.

####Try it for yourself!

Simply enter the name of the store you’d like to manage into the rap store picker (make sure to think of a good one). If it doesn’t already exist, just login to become the designated owner (authentication through Facebook, Github, or Twitter–no stealing your login credentials here). Upon visiting an existing store (which you do not own), you will still be able to create orders based on the existing inventory, all with unprecedented speed thanks to React.

As the store owner, you can add as many albums to your store’s selection as you desire. Instantly set the price, write a description or review, link album artwork, change the availability of each album, and more! All changes are reflected immediately in Google’s Firebase database. Curate your own store to amaze and impress your friends with your exquisitely unique musical taste!

For the extra curious, the source code is available on my Github along with installation instructions. The application utilizes the following technologies:

  • React.js
  • NPM / Yarn
  • Stylus
  • React-Bootstrap
  • Google Firebase (for database storage & authentication)

This single page ‘rap store react app’ was designed purely to demonstrate the capabilities of React.js as a front-end framework. I’m continuously working to expand my knowledge and fluency in React as well as related technologies. Keeping up with React’s latest features & best practices is a full-time job. You can be sure I’m continually developing more in React so look forward to more projects on joel.fm in the future!