Last Dance (Live Set)

This mix was recorded live in May of 2016 at the going-away party for one of my closest friends, Theo Sangenitto, who left Portland, OR to pursue an incredible career in electron microscopy. He and I both shared a passion for music and loved sharing it with others.

During my time at Reed College, Theo and I, along with another close friend, ran a musical act booking group that brought numerous diverse artists to perform. We understood well how live music and the ambiance in which it is experienced affects the audience–creating feelings of congratulations, excitement, and, most importantly, sentimentality. We identified a lot of complicated emotions that are expressed in music and often communicated in that way. This live DJ set was curated specifically Theo, who will always remain one of my most beloved friends, and performed on the bittersweet eve of his departure.

Performed May 2016 with Traktor and NI Traktor S4. Curated for a very special friend. Hear more on Soundcloud